VWSD Uniform for Kids Drive

VWSD Uniform for Kids Drive

Can you imagine being the only child in your class who is not wearing a school uniform? This can have a devastating impact on the self-esteem of a young child. This Saturday, June 7th at City Park Pavilion from 8am-noon, help the Vicksburg Association for Women (VAW) help needy and homeless children with school uniforms through this year’s Uniforms for Kids effort.

Uniforms for Kids is truly a green project because it recycles a precious resource. We would love to have your used uniforms for needy children. Our Uniforms for Kids drive is an opportunity for you to help a student begin the school year with confidence. Together you and VAW can make a difference one uniform at a time.

“We are fortunate to be part of a community that understands the importance of helping one another through difficult times, and we plan to continue with this program for years to come, as long as there is a need in our County,” says VAW President Angela Jenkins. “We are also soliciting the help of area churches to become a partner in this project as well. Since our community is a God-fearing one and we often attend church, we know our message will be heard if we get the help of those that reach the masses.”

In today’s difficult economy, low-income families are struggling just to pay for rent, utilities and food. Too often, there’s not enough left over to buy school uniforms for growing children. Please help needy children through this year’s Uniforms for Kids effort by making a uniform donation or a financial gift.

In addition to school uniforms, cash, checks and gift card donations are also accepted. “We all know that children come in a variety of sizes, and since the program includes all school children, K – 12th grade, one problem we face each year is having the sizes we need and enough of the more common sizes to address as much of the need as possible,” Jenkins explains. “When we are fortunate enough to obtain monetary donations and gift cards, we are able to purchase uniform sizes we need but didn’t receive through donations, allowing us to fill in the gaps and hopefully avoid the possibility of not having a size that someone needs.”

VAW will continue to accept uniform donations thru July 25th and will accept monetary donations for the program through the end of July.

VAW is still looking for businesses to help dry clean the donated items, following which they will be sized and sorted in time for distribution on July 26th. If a business is interested in either making a direct monetary donation to a dry cleaner or a dry cleaner themselves becoming a corporate sponsor of this event, please call 601-878-1347.


Drop off your donations at VAW Member Karen Flaggs-Davis’s Salon Tresses, 620 Crawford Street in Downtown Vicksburg , 601-638-2551, and VAW Member Angela Turner’s Simone’s Boutique and Upscale Consignment at 1107 Monroe Street, 601-636-8310 here in Vicksburg.

For more information on the Uniforms for Kids school uniform program, contact VAW at (601) 878-1347 or visit the Vicksburg Association for Women’s website at www.joinvaw.org.

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