About Us

Vicksburg Association for Women (VAW) was founded in 2014 as a women-led organization dedicated to enhancing lives and fostering the community with the aim of addressing the many needs of Vicksburg’s women and youth. VAW recognizes, as well as highlight women in every area of expertise, at all different levels in virtually every industry and to bring together business women of diverse occupations.  VAW has  access to women in the areas of small to medium sized business, corporate executives, healthcare professionals, financial consultants, education, and the non-profit sector to name a few. VAW will be recognized as the leading source, and most trusted organization for woman to woman networking in the Vicksburg area.

VAW assists by means of contributions and providing access to resources. We are dedicated to provide social, cultural, and educational support and guidance to the women and youth of Vicksburg.


VAW is dedicated to providing opportunities for women to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking, support and recognition and to provide services necessary to empower women in the areas of personal development, professional growth and economic advancement.

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